Is it possible to design diversity, equality and inclusion into an organisation or system, and if so, how?

At Ai Change Manangement, we are interested in how organisations are designed.

Working in partnership with the EODF, we are exploring this question, and do so in the context of the community within the Liverpool City Region, as our landscape of enquiry.

We have spoken to those from outside our community who have an interest in creating diverse inclusive and equality minded organisations and communities to participate in our enquiry.

We shared our findings with the following communities:

10th September 2021, leaders from the public, private and voluntary sectors in the city.
23rd September 2021, the Civil Service OD&D Shared Expert Service community.
24th September 2021, the North West OD Community network (ODNE & EODF).

We are now working with one organisation to apply the research.
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Organisations, institutions and systems are perfectly designed, or shaped, to deliver what they are now delivering.

Some organisations, institutions and systems are designed intentionally, or on purpose, with particular agreed principles in mind, for example location, cost, customer or process.

Others are shaped by their environment and have become what they now are over time, being influenced by many different factors. Whilst they have not been designed with the same level of intentionality as others, there remains some basic assumed principles that have been applied to shape what they have become.

In recent years, strategic principles, such as health & safety, have been designed into organisations, driven by the needs of the wider community, that have been more than appointing a health and safety champion role.

The new Operating Model supported by the required cultural shift has produced organisations, institutions and systems in which health & safety has become embedded into how things get done.

Abi Richards

Abi Richards

“Hi, my name is Abi! I am third-year student at the University of Liverpool studying a BA in English Language and Sociology. My interests lie within the field of human rights, but more specifically women’s rights and the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence.

Due to my interest in human rights, I am thoroughly intrigued by how we can integrate equality into society on both an international and national scale. Through developing my research skills at university, I have come to understand how research can strengthen the implementation of sustainable change.

Working closely with the EODF for this 10-week internship, we hope to unpack the question as to whether it is possible to design equality, inclusion and diversity into a human system and how this can be done effectively.

With a common curiosity, we hope to discover some ground-breaking research that can benefit how businesses operate. We will provide regular updates on the progress of this research and anything that has sparked some interest throughout.”

Jodie Walls

Jodie Walls

“Hi, I’m Jodie! I am a second year Sociology & French student at the University of Liverpool. Throughout my studies, whilst learning about the inequalities that exist in contemporary society, I have become increasingly interested in the topic of equality, diversity and inclusion, exploring what I can do to make a difference in my own community.

I began to research more into the subject area, quickly learning that it has become increasingly important for organisations in recent years. As soon as I saw the opportunity to be a part of this enquiry and make a difference in the city, I could not pass it up.

Over the course of the internship, I will explore if equality, diversity and inclusion, can be designed into a system, whilst gaining a bigger picture of how this will affect organisations and most importantly, to learn how it affects those who are a part of the landscape of enquiry in this research – the Liverpool community.

I will be sharing what we discover along the way. I look forward to hearing from and working alongside the wider OD community in order to create real change together.”