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Healthy Organisation - Join the ConversationI have been sharing a number of articles on this subject which may have been of interest to some. We are following up the articles with an offer.At Ai Change Management we are hosting an OD Community of Practice. You can...

Healthy Organisation?

Healthy Organisation?The results are in……. I recently invited readers to participate in a poll followed by a series of observations on the subject of Healthy Organisations. I asked readers to choose one of the following options: The Health of my Organisation 1. Could...

OD – What is it? Who needs it?

Organisation Design - What is it? Who needs it? “Do I need to read this? Organisation Design (whatever it is) is not on my list.”Let me tell you a short true story, that you may recognise.I bought a new flat pack book case. I get it home and I empty the contents of...

Working at home? Being at home…..

Are they the same thing? Ask me six months ago and I would say , yes of course, yet I am now discovering an unsettling reality. Work and home are two good friends of mine but I have always tried to keep them apart, seeing the former as somewhat of an intruder on my...

Our experience is telling us that when people learn together, opportunities for change emerge.


As a team we are continually seeking opportunities to learn in community.


We host lunch and learn sessions in community spaces and on line. We continually seek Action Learning opportunities that are built upon research and, as the name suggests, involve both action and learning.


The following books and publications are in our library. Should you require a copy please get in touch and we give you an overview of the contents and will supply you with a copy free of charge.  The fact that it is free is not about the value of the learning but about our passion to share our learning with you.   




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