Our experience is telling us that when people learn together, opportunities for change emerge. As a team we are continually seeking opportunities to learn in community.

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  • Joining up our city, one piece at a time

    Joining up our city, one piece at a time

    As Organisation Development practitioners we are interested in how things get done, in a community, business or organisation. As complexity increases it becomes more difficult but not impossible. Here is a story to get us [...]

  • Collaboration for good …..clunky, cumbersome, complex….

    Written by Ethan Forrester As I am now starting to get deeper into the research and talk to more people in the Liverpool city region; I have started to better understand the challenges that the region [...]

  • Collaboration for good… making it happen

    Written by Ethan Forrester Over a week ago, I had an insightful chat with a headteacher at a school in the Merseyside area. Some key themes started to emerge relating to cohesion between the local authority and [...]

  • Collaboration for good? Why and why now!

    Written by Ethan Forrester Since starting my research project, I have been keen to set the scene in my head of how the education system in Liverpool is performing compared to the rest of the UK. I [...]

  • So………. where do you work?

    This is probably one of the first questions when we meet someone for the first time. I expect that the questioner isn’t that interested in “where I work,” (second desk on the left by the [...]

  • Join the Conversation

    I have been sharing a number of articles on this subject which may have been of interest to some. We are following up the articles with an offer. At Ai Change [...]

All of the books referenced below are in our library at 8 Water Street. If you have a particular OD subject you wish to explore, please get in touch and we will recommend a book that will help.

All of the publications listed have been used by the team in various client contexts.