The results are in……. I recently invited readers to participate in a poll followed by a series of observations on the subject of Healthy Organisations. I asked readers to choose one of the following options: The Health of my Organisation 1. Could not be better 2. Some worrying symptoms 3. Many working symptoms 4. Seriously unwell Just under 400 people had a look at the poll. The results?

The Health of my Organisation

The Health of my Organisation… 22% – Could not be better 44% – Some worrying symptoms 11% – Many worrying symptoms 22% – Seriously unwell

As OD practitioners we gather data then seek to make sense of what we have discovered, what we notice. So what sense can we make of the data? I should add that whilst just under 400 had look at he questions only 2.3% actually responded.

So what am I thinking? I’ll have to be careful in handling and communicating data. What are you thinking? ….. Let me know