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07527 816616
Ai Change Management

How to Develop Your Business with Purpose

£495.00 ex vat

We will work together to build your business model identifying:

  • Your unique purpose
  • How to make your purpose become reality
  • How to grow customer loyalty

You will meet with other business owners and leaders in a safe and confidential environment.



Four sessions of three hours. Each session comprises:

1. Check-in
2. Tool sheet presentation
3. Work in pairs to understand your own context
4. Action Learning Set
5. Check-out

Question: What’s your challenge?
Tool sheet: AiCM Business Model
Focus: Exploring what a Business Model is, why build a Business Model, and introduce the Business Model Canvas
Question: What are your opportunities?
Tool sheet: GROW Model
Focus: Introduction to the GROW model (Goal, Reality, Option and Will)
Question: Build your growth plan
Tool sheet: Your business model template
Focus: Introduction to the Business Model template and populate this based on discussions in pairs and wider group.
Question: What does the future look like?
Tool sheet: Looking after yourself (instrumentality)
Focus: Self-Growth and explore the concept of self as an instrument for change.

Resources provided:

  • Tool sheets for each session
  • Learning journal template


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