Some challenges our clients have shared…and how we helped

“Our structure doesn’t help us get things done. We are wasting time, money and effort.”

… developed the case for change and an operating model that informed the new structure and a new effective way of working.

“No one knows who is accountable for what. It takes an age to get some things done.”

… built a bespoke accountabilities framework, clarifying accountabilities at each level, producing quicker, more intelligent decisions.

“We need an operating model that makes sense and helps us make intelligent decisions.”

… worked with leaders and teams to build several options to enable the optimum model to be identified and implemented.

We define Organisation Design as;

Aligning all we do,

With all we have,

To be the best we can be.

Our approach to Organisation Design, summarised below, is continually being refined, using feedback from those we work with.
It is sequential, data informed and will deliver the purpose of your organisation.
It creates the context for applied leadership development, building the capability of your people and teams and the improvement of your processes.