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Developing and Leading your Organisation 

We define Organisation Development as the way we continually monitor and improve the health of our organisation, focusing on our people, the wider community, applying the following values:

Whole System Focus 

We are interested in the whole system of your organisation and the relationship between parts of that system. Informal systems matter as much as formal ones. 

Data Matters 

All of our activities are be underpinned by valid data. This means more than just quantitative data or statistics. 

People Centred 

We are focused on people, that includes participative decision-making, ‘doing with’ not ‘doing to’ and building people’s capability. 

Focus on Performance and Results 

We are interested in helping you to be more effective and efficient; to be the best you can be.  


Our deep expertise is centred on people and change. We will partner with you in any aspect of people and change . Here are some of the subjects we cover:

Leadership Development

Supporting your leaders to develop a shared understanding about what leaders do.

Team Development

Helping your teams understand the human dynamics within the team and how we can improve together.

Culture that delivers strategy

Identifying your existing culture and what you need to do to deliver your purpose.

Action Learning

Amplifying your shared experiences; sharing the complexities of existing challenges with trusted partners.


Diagnosing the problem

Creating dialogue with your people, sharing stories to understand the issues.


Power & Politics

Exploring how power is needed and used in your organisation to get things done.

Large Group Interventions

Enabling meaningful human connections at your meetings that last beyond the event.

Influencing from within

Connecting with people to understand what needs to happen, why and how.

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