Some challenges our clients have shared…and how we helped

“We lost sight of our governance and compliance responsibilities, causing damage to both our people and our reputation.”

… began a series of conversations to understand how the situation had arisen and what needed to be done.

“We need to change our culture.”

… assessed the existing culture needed to deliver the business strategy, and identified opportunities for cultural shift.

“We are facing multiple and complex challenges and blaming people does not help at all.”

… looked for what was working well, built on that success and began to grow that mindset using the question:
‘It was good because… , it would be better if…’

“We define Organisation Development as all the activities engaged in by managers, employees, and helpers that are directed toward building and maintaining the health of the organisation as a total system.”
– Edgar Schein

Influencing from within

Connecting with people to understand what needs to happen, why and how.

Action Learning

Amplifying your shared experiences; sharing the complexities of existing challenges with trusted partners.

Diagnosing the problem

Creating dialogue with your people, sharing stories to understand the issues.

Power & Politics

Exploring how power is needed and used in your organisation to get things done.

Large Group Interventions

Enabling meaningful human connections at your meetings that last beyond the event.

Culture that delivers strategy

Identifying your existing culture and what you need to do to deliver your purpose.

Appreciative inquiry

Focusing on what works. It is inevitable that sometimes things don’t work out as one expected. The important thing is how we react in those situations.