Organisation Design & Development

Introducing Ai Change Management

We are a team of expert Change Management practitioners working in the heart of the city of Liverpool.

Our deep expertise is in building the capability of the organisations we partner with, by providing great Organisation Design services.

Our vision is to build capability not dependency. So we focus on activities that help you to design your organisation, rather than doing it for you.

We never leave our partners unsure what to do next and all of our products are supported by a help desk facility for six months following your learning experience.

Our definition of Organisation Design:


It’s all about “Getting things done”.

Align all we do – whole system focus

With all we have – being realistic about the resources available

To be the best we can be – being clear of outcomes that make a difference


In the City, for the City, to the World.

Our offices are at 8 Water Street in the heart of the Liverpool business community. We already have a great reputation in the city and are developing our network across the UK and the world.

Why Ai Change Management?

We have developed a 3 stage approach that is both simple and robust.

Assess – Explore and agree the questions of why , where and what?

Assemble – Test different operating models to identify your optimum model

Achieve – Bring your organisation to life and unlocking potential 

Expert practitioners, understanding the theory, applying the practice. Experienced across all sectors, public, private and voluntary.

Members of the European Organisation Design Forum, hosting a community hub in the city.

provide learning products for all of the supporting activities such as culture, leadership and team development. Click here to see our range of products.

Our Approach

We have developed our approach to Organisation Design with our team over a number of years, whilst working with partners, in order to make it simple yet robust. All of the stages described are supported by tools and techniques, designed to build your capability.

People focused – ensuring that your people are involved and engaged.

Sequential – helping you identify what is needed next.

Intentional – helping you design your organisation around your purpose.

Intelligent – helping you use data to inform your choices.

Our Values

Whole System Focus

We are interested in the whole system of your organisation and the relationship between parts of that system. Informal systems matter as much as formal ones.

Data Matters

Activities should be underpinned by valid data. This means more than quantitative data or statistics.

People Centred

We are always focused on people that includes participative decision-making, ‘doing with’ not ‘doing to’ and building people’s capability.

Focus on Performance and Results

We are interested in helping organisations be more effective and efficient, to be the best they can be.

“…… created a bespoke Organisation Development training course that met our team and individual needs. Showed great enthusiasm for the subject throughout and used extensive knowledge and experience to help make the theory come to life. The course provided us with an excellent foundation to organisation development, from which we will now be able to build our careers”


What sets us apart ?
… Our Approach.

People Focused

Unlike other organisation design solutions which seek to focus on new technologies and IT software, AiCM focuses on the people in the organisation and how they relate and work with the new context, whatever that may be.

We provide a ‘help desk’ facility for 6 months following your learning experience to help embed and apply your learning.


We will create a conversation with you to help you identify where you are now and what you need to do next. We believe that Leadership and Culture are core elements in any change but particularly so in the context of Organisation Design. We will help you decide how and when to engage with your leaders and discuss the required culture shift. 


We will help you ensure that your new structures support your strategic purpose and enable you to perform as effectively and efficiently as possible. We will provide you with a number of design options and help you choose which is the best fit for you. We also have access to a team of lawyers able to advise on the legal implications and pros and cons of your new structure.


We will work with you to ensure that all available information and data, both formal and informal are taken into account when considering your options.


8 Water Street, Liverpool, L2 8TD

+44 (0)7527 816616